Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7

I love Lisa Rinna. She’s the only one making this season interesting. She constantly makes me laugh. Even when she’s being totally obnoxious, she’s still funny.

“Dorit, just listen.”

“Stop saying my name over and over again. I’m trying to talk to Erika!”

“Dorit. Dorit, just listen. Dorit!”

ROFL!!! She’s so mental! And then to just toss in that zinger about cocaine, after the table was already at 100% tension because of Erika.

“Dorit, I just have to ask you something….” lol. It was hilarious seeing Rinna all alone at that huge table with that old queen talking about who knows what. No wonder it was strange to Rinna. It fucking LOOKED strange on camera. Where the fuck did everybody go???

I think that Rinna knows the score. PK and Dorit are probably huge coke heads. And both LVP and Kyle know it too. That’s why they were all so defensive about it.

Go, Rinna!

That said, I think that Erika is a psycho. No wonder she has no friends. Who would ever put up with that?

Poor Eileen has always been Erika’s biggest supporter. Eileen has been nothing but nice, and backed up Erika 100%. And how does she get repaid? As Heather Chandler would say, “you paid me back in PUKE!” Fuck Erika Jayne. I used to like her, but now I agree with her. She IS a cunt!

PK kind of nailed it when he said that Erika is used to everyone kissing her ass and telling her how fabulous she is, and she has bought into her own hype. Fucking bitch.

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